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High quality, beautiful and incredibly comprehensive online courses designed to support and
empower all levels of Yoga Practitioner - both adults & children. 
Learning Yoga from home has never been so easy!

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Learn from home

Practice Yoga anytime, anywhere via your Member portal accessible via your computer, phone or the Kajabi app. Perfect for those who can't commit to a regular class time or who aren't able to visit Mollie in person.

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High Quality

Mollie has filmed all Jala Yoga online courses with high quality sound so you can actually relax, and brings beautiful back drops spanning across Australia and India into your home.

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Unlimited Support

Mollie is available via email to support anyone moving through the Jala Yoga online courses, and will answer any questions to the best of her ability.

Mini Courses

Mini courses designed to give you the gold you need to get where you want to be.
These courses are suitable for all levels of practitioner (Beginner - Teacher)

Combat Anxiety


One-Off payment

  • A Guided Meditation Recording

  •  An eBook explaining the tool in detail 

  • Journal Prompts to help you integrate your experience to take into how you meet and work with Anxiety


The Golden Tool for Anxiety

A mini-program to give you the G O L D E N tool to working with Anxiety. 
This tool is going to help you in these turbulent times.
Shift the way your brain, body and mind interpret stress and anxiety with this simple trick. 

This mini program is the perfect place to start when experiencing Anxiety, as it completely down-regulates your Nervous System and rapidly brings you into a state of peace.


Learn to chant Mantra

This online course is perfect for both Yoga teachers & practitioners alike. 

Learn how to chant mantra, and more specifically, why we should! 

Not only is it fun to learn a new skill to add to the repertoire of Yoga tools, but chanting is incredible for your brain + nervous system.

The practice of chanting is perfect to use for therapeutic purposes with anyone experiencing anxiety, depression, low self esteem, poor vagal tone. 




One-Off payment

  • 5 Downloadable Recordings of Mantras 

  •  A Video Lecture on the benefits of Chanting Mantra 

  • An eBook with both the Sanskrit & the English translations


The Practice of Mudra


One-Off payment

  •  An eBook with 16 different Mudra's

  • A Video Lecture on the Origin of Mudra and why it is so great! 


The practice of Mudra

The practice of Mudra is an ancient and fascinating element to the Yoga practice that often isn't explored in the west. The practice of Mudra is a fantastic addition to your meditation practice, and great for brain health and the nervous system.

Both Yoga teachers & practitioners alike will benefit from this course. 

Full Courses

All courses are built in a comprehensive, but very digestible way. And they are beautiful!
Each course is  suitable for all levels of practitioner (Beginner - Teacher).

The Chakra Series

The intention of this program is to provide you with the knowledge needed to apply and integrate the more subtle practices of Yoga into your practice to work therapeutically with the Energetics of Yoga.

These practical and tangible Yoga based tools and techniques will  bring balance to the subtle body, in turn become a more effective and integrated human. How good, hey!

I have created it in a way that is comprehensive (because, perfectionism..) but also as grounded, real life + tangible as possible. 

Each part of the program isolates each Chakra, and includes :

  • 8 x Guided Meditation practices (video)
  • 8 x information packed eBooks
  • 10 x Guided Asana practices (video)
  • 2 x Asana Tutorials 
  • A downloadable Yantra to paint

I have poured my heart and soul into this Program, and have used all of these methods within my own practice over the space of 12 years and experienced some pretty amazing shifts + transformations. 

I hope you enjoy the program as much as I enjoyed creating it!


The Yoga for Anxiety Program

The Yoga for Anxiety Online Program is an exploration of all the Yoga based tools and techniques I have used on my own path of managing and overcoming Anxiety and Complex Trauma, as well as what has worked with my clients over 6 years of working with them.

The things I share in this program are mostly Yoga + Meditation techniques to find peace of mind, that are backed by recent research in the field of Neuroscience, Clinical Psychology and Psycho-Somatic therapies.

My intention for this program is to empower you with the tools you need to be able to befriend and manage Anxiety, as well as reprogram some neural pathways in order to overcome anxious patterns.

What you will find in this course :

  • 4 Practice videos to incorporate into your days

  • 2 Pranayama (breathing) Tutorials to enable you to use your breath effectively to regulate your Nervous System

  • 5 Guided Meditations to call on as often as you like

  • 9 information packed E-Books covering topics like Neuroscience and a bit of Anatomy on how we can hack into the body to overcome Anxiety, Yoga tools and techniques, as well as Yoga Philosophy.

  • There will also be Activities and Journal Prompts to help you integrate and practice the tools effectively

This program does not replace seeing a Therapist, and I highly recommend coupling this program with sessions with a Therapist for best results.

This program is written for Generalised Anxiety specifically.


Yoga for Kids!

A collaboration between 
Jala Yoga x The Smile Kind

Our Kids Yoga Program is designed to provide tools for your children to learn the foundations of Yoga, how to navigate their emotions, build their motor skills & have fun!

Perfect for ages 4-11 years.

Course Inclusions ~

  • 5 x 20-25 minute Yoga Practice Videos 
  • 5 x Art Therapy & Mindfulness based Activities (PDF)

About your teacher:

Rebecca is a qualified Youth Worker & Kids Yoga Teacher. She is creative, fun, playful & informative, leading her to be one of the most sought after Kids Yoga Teachers in the Northern Rivers NSW area. 


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