Holistic Massage Therapy

Omg talk about going to heaven! Mollie is an angel in life but her massages are next level. She uses all different modalities and I leave feeling like a new person every time. ~ Ashleigh



Mollie is a Qualified Massage Therapist of 12 years, and has worked in some of Australia's most prestigious Day Spa's. 

She offers a tailored treatment based on your needs, calling on the methods of Swedish, Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue, Lymphatic, Hot Stone + Relaxation Massage Therapy, as well as Chinese Cupping.
If needed, Mollie also includes Yogic Stretching + Breathing, as well as Guided Meditation.

Mollie is also qualified in Pregnancy Massage. 

Mollie works on restoring the Nervous System and allowing the body to drop into a Resting state to heal, so your treatment will really depend on how your body (especially your nervous system) presents. 

Offering Massage Therapy is one of Mollie's favourite things, and views Massage as another form of Meditation - both for herself + her client. Aiding another in dropping into peace + a state of deep rest is what she lives for. 

Massage Therapy combined with a Private Yoga class is the winning combo in her (and many clients) eyes. 

Book to see Mollie either at her Treehouse Space in Currumbin Valley where she treats on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.



1 hour Massage at the Treehouse
90 minutes Massage at the Treehouse
1 hour Massage + Yoga Combo at the Treehouse