The Evolution of Jala Yoga

From environmental charity to yoga for mental health, to trauma-informed & evidence based internationally accredited Teacher Trainings, to education events for hospital staff and everything in between. 

Jala Yoga began as an entity that campaigned & raised funds for Marine & Environmental Conservation through the practice of Yoga. It operated with the recognition that to embody Yoga is to live in a way that holds being of service at the forefront, and an understanding that to ‘save the world’ requires self knowledge, mindfulness, emotional intelligence and discernment - all byproducts of Yoga. 

Using the teachings and practice of Yoga, Mollie worked with Not-For-Profit’s like Surfers for Cetaceans, Surfrider, Boomerang Bags, the Wangan & Jagalingou Family Council, Sea Shepherd, Protect the Reef, Madison Stewart, and many more. 

As Mollie, the founder of Jala Yoga, grew within her practice and teaching, it started to become much more focussed on trauma, mental health and the therapeutics of the practice. This transition saw Mollie undertake many courses to specialise in Yoga for Trauma and Mental Health, and then taking the trauma informed version of Jala Yoga into schools to work with children from ages 4-16 years. She also appeared in Head Space and local community mental health hubs a few times teaching young people experiencing mental health challenges the practices of Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation. She has been fortunate enough to share Yoga and Meditation with survivors of abuse, members of the veteran community, both children & adults experiencing anxiety, depression and suicidal/ self harm tendencies, children with bi-polar and schizophrenia, and teenagers with severe cases of insomnia. She now works with NDIS participants offering trauma informed Yoga and meditation alongside their healthcare team to complement their health goals and outcomes. She is qualified in iRest Yoga Nidra (level 2) as well as a facilitator for the Warriors at Ease method (level 1). She is also currently studying to be a Counsellor. 

Mollie has taken Jala Yoga to India and Bali numerous times over the past 8 years, be it pursuing more training or teaching Yoga, Meditation and Art  alongside her teachers Mark Robberds, Deepika Mehta and Yogacharya Lalit Kumar. Over the last couple of years, she spent majority of her time in India, working alongside her teacher Yogacharya Lalit facilitating Yoga Teacher Trainings, as well as Retreats for both Lalit, and her own for Jala Yoga. In 2019, she lived in India and stepped into the full time role for a portion of the season. 

2020 saw Mollie land back on home soil in Australia, where Jala Yoga grew rapidly. 

Jala Yoga extended to an online platform offering very high quality, beautiful online courses, as well as specialising in Teacher Development and Yoga Therapeutics for Practitioners in a 1:1 setting through Mentorship Programs. 

Jala Yoga now operates both online, and in person. Mollie works alongside General Practitioners, Specialists, Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Acupuncturists and other various Health Professionals in supporting their patients through offering a therapeutic approach to Yoga and Meditation. 

She is passionate about making Yoga accessible to all walks of life, which inspires her to continually take Professional Development Courses, enabling her to continually develop the tools required  to "jump over" whatever barrier is preventing her from reaching someone who needs Yoga. 

Jala Yoga has recently expanded to offer Teacher Trainings that are evidence based, trauma informed and very much focussed on the therapeutic lens of Yoga. The team has expanded to include Health Professionals that are experts in their fields, and the team now work together to offer students every tool they need to become intelligent, critical thinking and experienced Yoga Teachers able to co-exist in the Allied Health space and work collaboratively with healthcare teams.

Mollie also offers education to workplaces, corporate events and within the hospital setting around how to integrate mindfulness, and yoga based practices into both the workplace and an individuals life. For more information on Mollie's education offerings and how they can be tailored to your needs, email her directly - [email protected] .

More information on the Jala Yoga team can be found here

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More information on how to work with Mollie in a 1:1 context can be found here.

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