The Golden Tool for Anxiety

Learn how to regulate your Nervous System and reprogram the way your brain & body responds when Anxiety arises on a chemical level. 

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Guided Meditation 

Be guided through your own unique experience of what this tool looks like for you! 

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An eBook

An information packed eBook that touches on the Neuroscience + how this tool works! 

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Journal Prompts

Thought provoking questions to help you integrate this practice into your days. 


 This game-changing tool will enable you to find the space to pause upon feeling anxious or stressed, and change your mental + physical state on the spot. 

Invest in your mental health today.

$25.00 AUD


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Who is this course for?

Beginners : This is perfect for those starting their journey with Meditation. The way the course is designed is to provide as much support in establishing this practice. 

Yoga Practitioners & Teachers : This course provides a golden tool you can add into your practice and teaching that will provide an added layer of awareness as to how you can add Neuroscience based techniques into your existing Yoga practice. 

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How long will it take?

We estimate that this course will take around 1-2 hours to complete, however it is a practice you can come back to at any point via your member portal. 

The Guided Meditation itself is just under 10 minutes, making it perfect to do daily. 


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"I have participated in this course with Mollie in person, and have now completed the Online Course. This tool has been invaluable to my journey with mental health - I use it every day!"

~ Stacey, Brisbane