Learn to Chant Mantra

Not only is it fun to learn a new skill to add to the repertoire of Yoga tools, but chanting is incredible for your brain + nervous system.

This course is for both Teachers and Practitioners. 

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Downloadable Recordings 

Download the 5 Mantra's you will learn in this course to support your learning.

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An eBook

An information packed eBook that provides the Sanskrit and English translations.

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A Video Lecture

Mollie explains the origin of chanting Mantra, and why it is so beneficial for our bodies and brains.



The practice of chanting is the perfect practice to use for therapeutic purposes with anyone experiencing anxiety, depression, low self esteem, or poor vagal tone. Chanting supports brain and heart health, strengthens memory & regulates the Nervous System. 

Invest in your health today.

$39.00 AUD

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Who is this course for?

Beginners : This is perfect for those starting their journey with chanting. The way the course is designed is to provide as much support in establishing this practice. 

Yoga Practitioners & Teachers : This course provides a crash course in chanting mantra, with 5 mantras to recite and add into your practice or teaching. 

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How long will it take?

We estimate that this course will take around 1-2 hours to complete, however it is a practice you can come back to at any point via your member portal.  

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"Chanting Mantra has always felt so uncomfortable for me as I didn't know what I was singing or saying. This course helped me understand what the mantra's mean, and to learn them off by heart. Learning to chant has been such a journey with my self-confidence, I am grateful for this practice." 

~ Liz, Byron Bay