The Chakra Series | Online 8 week Program


The Chakra Series | Online 8 week Program


The Chakra Series

An eight week program containing 10 years of Mollie’s first hand experience and research into the area of Yoga for the Energetic Body. 

Have you ever wondered why we feel so good after practicing Yoga?

Physiologically, we are cleansing, strengthening and enhancing every organ and system in our body.

Energetically, we are shifting stagnant energy that manifests from past trauma’s and blockages from life’s wear and tear.

Mentally and Emotionally, we become more resilient; more compassionate and more present.

We become more integrated, effective humans walking the path towards self-realisation (a.k.a, getting out of our own way and stepping into our truest, biggest brightest selves.)

The Chakra System is connected to every single element of the practice of Yoga. It is directly connected to both the way the physical body operates, as well as the way we show up mentally, emotionally and spiritually in this world.

The Chakra system literally dictates the way we breath, think, act, speak and live.

So why the Chakra Series Online Course?

You are going to learn practical and tangible Yoga based tools and techniques to understand and bring balance to the subtle body, in turn become a more effective and integrated human. 

What you will find in this course :
- 10 Asana Sequences and/ or Tutorials for each Chakra

- 8 Guided Meditation’s for each Chakra
- 2 Pranayama tutorials to build a safe self practice
- Information about the therapeutics behind the focus Asana for each Chakra
- 8 E-book’s packed with information about the Chakra in focus. Inside will be tools like Mudra, Chanting, Pranayama, Philosophy, and different ways to bring balance to the specific Chakra. 
- 8 Affirmation Cards you can print and put in places you’ll see them as you journey through the Series
- 7 printable Yantra symbols for you to paint + integrate into your meditation

This Course is designed to really assist you in building up your Self Practice + awareness that Yoga is so much more than just an hour moving on a Yoga mat - but rather a holistic, accessible way to meet life.

AND - Mollie is here to support you every single step of the way.

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Price  : $200 full price one time payment

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