The Chakra Series | Online 8 week Program


The Chakra Series | Online 8 week Program


The Chakra Series is an eight week program containing 10 years of Mollie’s first hand experience and research into the area of Yoga for the Energetic Body. 

You will learn practical and tangible Yoga based tools and techniques to understand and bring balance to the subtle body, in turn become a more effective and integrated human. 

During this course you will explore one Chakra per week and have access to : 
- Asana sequences and/ or tutorials
- Guided Meditation 
- Pranayama tutorials
- Information about the therapeutics behind the focus Asana for each Chakra
- an E-book packed with information about the Chakra in focus. Inside will be tools like Mudra, Chanting, Pranayama, Philosophy, and different ways to bring balance to the specific Chakra. 
- A printable Affirmation Card
- A printable Yantra for you to paint + integrate into your meditation

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Price  : $200 full price one time payment

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