The Chakra Series
Online 8 week Program

An eight week program containing 10 years of Mollie’s first hand experience and research into the area of Yoga for the Energetic Body.

You are going to learn practical and tangible Yoga based tools and techniques to understand and bring balance to the subtle body, in turn become a more effective and integrated human.

What you will find in this course :

- 10 Asana Sequences and/ or Tutorials for each Chakra

- 8 Guided Meditation’s for each Chakra

- 2 Pranayama tutorials to build a safe self practice

- Information about the therapeutics behind the focus Asana for each Chakra

- 8 E-book’s packed with information about the Chakra in focus. Inside will be tools like Mudra, Chanting, Pranayama, Philosophy, and different ways to bring balance to the specific Chakra.

- 8 Affirmation Cards you can print and put in places you’ll see them as you journey through the Series

- 7 printable Yantra symbols for you to paint + integrate into your meditation

Price: $200 full price one time payment


Yoga for Anxiety
Online 4 week program

Description: A 4 week exploration of Yogic and Mindfulness practices designed to empower you to manage and conquer Anxiety. This course includes Asana videos, Guided Meditations, E-Books, Activities and Journal Prompts, Research on Anxiety and ways to overcome it holistically, Pranayama Tutorials and Yogic Philosophy.

Price: $99 full price one time payment


The Ashtanga Fundamentals Online 5 week program

Description: A 5 week exploration into the practice and philosophy of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga that will give you the tools to establish a safe and holistic self practice. There are Asana classes / workshops on each of the Asana ; mobility and pattern building drills to practice for more advanced asana as well as the transitions of the “jump back” and “jump through".

Price: $200 full price one time payment