The Chakra Series
Online 8 week Program

Description: An 8 week exploration of the Energetic Body and the more refined practices of Yoga. Each week includes a Guided Meditation, an Asana sequence or two, a Pranayama tutorial and/ or blog post, an E-Book, a Printable Affirmation Card and Yantra.

Price: $200 full price one time payment

Yoga for Anxiety
Online 4 week program

Description: A 4 week exploration of Yogic and Mindfulness practices designed to empower you to manage and conquer Anxiety. This course includes Asana videos, Guided Meditations, E-Books, Activities and Journal Prompts, Research on Anxiety and ways to overcome it holistically, Pranayama Tutorials and Yogic Philosophy.

Price: $99 full price one time payment

The Ashtanga Fundamentals Online 5 week program

Description: A 5 week exploration into the practice and philosophy of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga that will give you the tools to establish a safe and holistic self practice. There are Asana classes / workshops on each of the Asana ; mobility and pattern building drills to practice for more advanced asana as well as the transitions of the “jump back” and “jump through".

Price: $200 full price one time payment