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Pranayama 101

  • Boheme and Body Wellness Shala Australia (map)

Have you ever noticed the connection between your breath and your mind? 

Take a second right now : Observe the depth, length and quality of your breath. If the breath is short + shallow - the mind is generally busy and we feel ungrounded; however if the breath is long, deep + smooth, we're generally pretty relaxed and the mind is at ease.

The Yoga Practice provides us with various breathing techniques which effectively alter the state of our mind and benefit our bodies both energetically and physically. 

Curious? Join me : Sunday 1st October @ 9:30am at the beautiful @bohemeandbody

We will explore several forms of Pranayama, their benefits + contraindications, so that you have all the tools you need to set up a self practice.

Excellent for mental health concerns including Anxiety and PTSD, as well as any overall body health concerns. 

Please try not to eat anything too heavy pre-workshop. :)

For more information, chat to me at or shoot me a message via insta/ Facebook.